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Actors Website Creation Service

yourwebsiteBeing an actor can be a very expensive job.  It takes lot of investments to do the work.  Often many new actors are willing to work for free to get the experience and copies of the work for their demo reel.

Let’s break down some of the costs required for the Actors Starter pack:

  1. Actors Access = $68 a year
  2. IMDB = $150 a year
  3. Training = $100 to $200 a Month
  4. Yearly Headshot = $300
  5. Workshops = ~$500 a year
  6. Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook = Free

So your looking at over $3000 a year just be an actor.  You better recoup some of those costs by booking gigs.  Sure 1 commercial and few day player roles can cover the cost.

But what is missing here?  This is often overlooked.  It’s having your OWN website.  Your own DOMAIN name.

I know many actors will state to follow them on social media, but i’m telling you that this is a flawed strategy that can be a total disaster.  The main problem is that you don’t OWN social media sites.  Your are merely just renting the space.  Because at any moment BOOM, your account gets deleted.  You can get HACKED, or it could go out of business who knows.

My point is that your OWN website is your OWN.  It can not be taken away from you.  It is your piece of the “Internet Real Estate”.  Just like anything Names can create value.  Do not wait to secure your name before you get famous on your next break out role.  Find out that some jacked your name and made it into a hate site.  Now when your fans are googling your name it ends up in some hate site.  Now people think your a big time evil racist, you go viral and never work in Hollywood again.

Okay, I know that this might be over the top, but i wanted you to get the message.  BUY your name now..  It doesn’t matter if your not ready to make a website.  Secure your name today..  Visit my favorite domain registrar Namecheap   Be sure to only get a .COM or .NET and try to get your NAME only.  Don’t try to be too cute because it becomes confusing to your fans.


There are tons of free website builders online.  But let me tell you one big problem with these free web builders.  They are extremely difficult to create.  I have clients that told me they spent 10 hours on vistaprint free web site creator and it end up looking like a website from 1999.  It was UGGGGLY.

Most actors I run across are not that tech savvy.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself how important is my time.  Is this something I want to deal with or should i just hire someone else to do it for me.  That way it will look much more professional.

Trust me I fully understand saving money.  I mean i still have a long honey do list that needs to be covered.  It’s long because i want to save some money by doing it myself. Well at least I’ll give it a try.

So if you decide to do it on your own than be sure to download my guide, the 4 questions every actors’ website need to have.   i will explain everything that needs to be done.

But If you feel your time is much more valuable then by all means contact me.  I’ve been doing this for close to 20 years now.  I remember like it was yesterday, paying $70 for my domain name and making websites from notepad.  Ah the good ole days of the dial up internet… SSHHHEHE ddddiiekkeilajdflakdfal;dfkhaldf  So love the modem sounds.

I have a special going on right now and it’s $100 basic web design with FREE 30 minute consultation ($50 value) and then only $9.99 a month for hosting.  The hosting membership includes 50% off for additional services such as PR, flyers, Social Media, and website updates.  Typically this is less than $15 a hour for monthly members.

STEP 1. Make a payment here
STEP 2. Fill out form here
STEP 3. Send me your images/videos here
STEP 4. Buy your domain name here
STEP 5.  Email the information here

That’s it!  I will contact you further to discuss what you look for in a design and I’ll have you up and running with your own website in less than 2 weeks.